How it's made matters

We love to see how much it interest you to learn more about the processes behind the making of our jewelry, so we decided to show you a step by step of how they come to life.



Jade Stones

Once a year, when the dry season makes rivers go low we go to Sierra de las Minas to collect our stones. Our "rule" to pick the stones is if we can carry them with us uphill, this way we pursue the importance of honoring the material, to respect the place where it comes from and to use only what we need.



Upcycled Metals 

We use silver and solid gold to make the setting of the stones. These metals are collected from technology and existing jewelry that is damaged or just ready to become something new! At the workshop we melt and refine the metals to bring them back to life into new pieces of jewelry.




Stones are so hard that they require diamond tools, water and a lot of patience to be transformed. In the lapidary workshop we go through the process of cutting, carving and polishing each stone, using different techniques that we have developed depending on the design.




And last but not least, fire and precision collide to complete the one-of-kind pieces of art. The craftsmanship behind this process is just stunning. The final touch!


 The Final Product 

When you purchase Xibalba you are getting a one-of-a-kind jewel that will last a lifetime. It fills us with joy to connect with each piece that we make from its origin, til we hav the final result waiting to go to their forever homes. Being a part of the transformation, honoring the materials, the process and the people behind each piece is til this day our biggest inspiration.

May this inspire you to be curious of what's behind your jewels, your clothes, your food, your words.

This is what we love, this is what we do.


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