Welcome to Our Archive


One of the questions that many visitors that come the studio ask (and even I still do sometimes) is where does the inspiration comes from?

Living in a country like Guatemala, where culture and traditions are alive and objects are made by hand starting with the raw materials and finishing with pieces filled with stories, it's definitely a constant source of inspiration.

Nature, culture, ancient techniques, they all inspire me to come up with collections that represent a little bit of this richness that we have to share. 

Appreciating the rough materials is one of my favorite things! Whether it is stones or natural fibers, materials are beautiful as they are and sometimes it just takes a little imagination to transform them into an exquisite and unique piece. 

Throughout time, our collections have also been a reflection of the moments that we find ourselves living in. Whether they are good or not that good. Whether they are to celebrate or to reach for strength, to protect us or a reminder of gratefulness.


With our Archive Collection, we want to walk you through this journey of many years of melting metals and shaping stones.

For all of you who have been at the studio and for all of our new friends…this is us, we are makers, we are inspired by our culture, we are moved by design. We honor our heritage and we love to share our creations with you.