About us

Xibalba is the origin, where everything starts.


Studio and atelier based in Antigua Guatemala since 2012.

Our founder and head designer Laura and her team have worked hard to perfect artisanal techniques and innovate creating modern and minimalistic design with traditional materials from "our Guatemalan heritage". For over 10 years we have been learning from our clients and visitors; where are they from and what they care about, their lifestyle, sense of design and the aesthetic in a piece of jewelry, textiles and other curated goods.

Ethically sourced, mindfully made.


Here at Xibalba we make sure that all of our processes; from collecting the jade stones and metals, employment and operations, are influenced by sustainable and ethical practices.

We honor our workers and local artists that mindfully select and craft our intricate pieces. We deeply believe in the intention behind each piece that makes them unique from one another. Each stone carries its own history reflected from the textures, the variations in color and the shape that makes them exclusive. Here at Xibalba we do not extract the big rocks from the mountains but handpicked small stones in a river where no other will be exactly alike.