Antigua Guatemala Travel Guide

Updated March 2023

Planning a visit to Antigua Guatemala?

We have put together some of our top places that you shouldn't miss! Antigua is bigger than you imagine, there's a lot of walking and a lot to see. Some of our favorite places we have been found out of curiosity and we're happy to be able to tell you about them.


Where to stay?

Cacao Boutique Hotel | The colonial experience. 

Good Hotel | A hotel with a social mission. 

El Convento | High-end hotel. 

Ojalá Hostal | Modern hostel.

Where to eat?

We can't get enough of them:

Nana + a Vintage closet for you to shop some goodies!
El Local  + delicious cocktails 
Rosanta Restaurante Newest in town!


Where to have coffee?

El gran café | Best to go coffee place.

12 Onzas | Super cute place to hangout.

Fat Cat Coffee House | Perfect stop for a city tour.

Alegría Café | It has everything you need: coffee, brunch menu and... now wifi!!


Where to enjoy signature drinks?

From the fanciest mixologists to the local pubs.

Ulew Cocktail Bar | Signature cocktails  
Café No Sé 
El llegal 
La casa del Ron | Best place for rum tasting


What to do?

Luna Zorro Studio | Natural Dye Workshop.

Xibalba Studio | Stone Carving Workshop.

Hikes | Acatenango & Fuego Volcano with CAMP AKT. And Cerro de La Cruz, a small hike just a few minutes from the center of Antigua. 

Museums & Ruins | MUNAG, Convento Santa Clara, Cathedral, Ermita San Jerónimo.

Finca el PilarHike and natural pools 

City Walking Tour | Hosted by Laura's mom. Book directly with Lola Spillari via email or Whatsapp/Call/Text to +502 42117251.


Where to shop?

La Mala vintage | Sustainable vision Vintage Selection.

Nimpot | Artisanal goods and textiles.

Casa de los gigantes | Textiles and Antiques.

Indigo Custom Textiles | Natural Dye pieces.

Qué onda vos | Wool Rugs from Huehuetenango.


Where to treat yourself?

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo | Spa Day
Healing Hands Therapy Spa
Amaya Salon & Spa 
Spa in the Woods | Bosco Antigua  


If you have any questions or would like to know any other places feel free to send us a message via our social media platforms, and if you visited already and loved it let us know too! 


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